1. General Terms: You agree that: (a) you have reached the age of legal majority; (b) that the information that you provided in the registration form (including, but not limited to, credit card and billing information) is current, complete, truthful, and accurate; (c) you will conduct yourself in a lawful manner and obey the Code of Conduct set forth in Paragraph 7 below and all posted Festival and venue rules while attending the Festival, and agree that HFF or the venue owner may eject you from the Festival, or the venue, without a refund if you fail to do so; (d) you understand that the schedule and/or programming at the Festival may change, including the films shown, the speakers, guests, or moderators featured, or the venues where such events may occur, and you agree that such changes do not entitle you to a refund or partial refund; (e) you will not resell, or attempt to resell, your ticket (as defined below) to anyone prior to or during the Festival, even if it is below face value, or given for free, and you agree that HFF may, in addition to other legal remedies, ban you from future Festivals, or future HFF events if HFF learns you have violated this clause; (f) you grant HFF, its sponsors and affiliates the right to use your likeness, and the likeness of any of your minor children for whom you purchase a ticket and bring to the Festival, in connection with telecasting, displaying or promoting the Festival, or future HFF events; (g) you will not unlawfully copy any of the intellectual property (including without limitation, any trademark, film footage, actor images, or related promotional materials) associated with the Festival unless specifically authorized to do so by HFF in writing; and (h) HFF may use the information you provide in the registration path to communicate with you about the Festival, and any HFF related events, sponsorships, promotions and partners.
  2. Festival Tickets: You hereby authorize HFF to charge your credit card, Paypal or other payment option the amounts associated with the Festival ticket you have chosen on the HFF website and any other ticket and associated fee offered on the Festival website (the “Fee”). In the event you are purchasing a ticket to an individual film screening you hereby authorize HFF to charge your credit card the price listed at the appropriate venue. HFF will charge your credit card the Fee set forth above for the ticket you have chosen (plus any applicable taxes) on the day you submit your credit card and complete the registration form or a reasonable time thereafter. The Fee is due and payable in U.S. dollars, subject to any exchange rate that a credit card company or other financial institution may apply. Please note that charges to your credit card may be in the name of HFF or its affiliated companies. No checks, cash or money orders will be accepted as payment for an online ticket purchase. Tickets are accepted and processed on a first-come, first served basis. All tickets must be picked up at the Festival on the day of event. HFF shall have the right to void, at its sole discretion, any transaction that contains, or is based on, a pricing error or other malfunction.
  3. Tickets Non-Transferable/Non-Replaceable: You understand and agree the tickets are non-transferable, which means that you alone are entitled to the benefits attributed to the specific ticket you select and pay for, as described on the website (which may be subject to change) and any attempt to sell or give your ticket to any third party, including your friends and family members, is strictly prohibited. Any completed sale of a ticket is hereby null and void, and HFF shall have no obligation to honor such sold ticket. You agree that HFF shall have the right to require you or your guests to show a photo ID or scan your ticket at the Festival, or any screening or event therein, in order to determine the legitimacy of any ticket, or usage thereof, and to refuse you entry to, or eject you without refund from, any Festival event if you cannot produce an appropriate ID or you’re not the person when scanning the ticket. Once delivered, tickets are the sole responsibility of the passholder and HFF is under no obligation to offer replacements should the passholder lose possession of their ticket(s).
  4. Seating Policy: With the exception of the VIP Pass ticket holders, you understand and agree that purchasing a ticket does not guarantee you seating at any particular event or screening at the Festival. Instead, ticket holders receive general admission to events until attendance capacities are reached, which shall be determined in HFF’s or the venue owner’s discretion, and thus may fill up prior to your arrival. Accordingly, HFF encourages you to arrive a minimum of thirty (30) minutes prior to each event or screening to minimize your chances of missing an event or screening. Seating after an event or screening has begun is at the discretion of Festival management, and no saving or reserving seats or places in advance for yourself, or for a third party, is allowed.
  5. Age Restrictions: Tickets may only be used by individuals 13 years or older. Tickets to individual events may be available for individuals under 13 years of age. You are responsible for any and all minors for whom you purchase a ticket. All minors must be accompanied by you, or their legal guardian, otherwise they may be refused admission. You understand and agree that some of the films or other Festival events may not be appropriate for minors, and you (and not HFF) are responsible for making the determination about what is appropriate for you and your minor guests. In addition, some films or events are open only to individuals over the age of 18, and thus, you will not be allowed into such events if you cannot establish that you are at least 18 years of age (via a valid government issue ID) even if you are a ticket holder.
  6. Refund Policy: HFF shall, in its discretion, provide refunds only if the ticket purchaser sends HFF a cancellation request in writing and receipt is confirmed at least two weeks before the beginning of the Festival. The ticket purchaser may submit written cancellation requests in only two ways: via email to or mailed to Horrific Film Fest, 2706 Ladera Bend, San Antonio, TX 78261. Your cancellation or refund request must include the name of all ticket holders and a copy of your purchase confirmation email or letter. No other means of requesting a cancellation or refund will be accepted. A cancellation fee in the amount of 20% of the purchase price of each refunded pass will be assessed. HFF may at its sole discretion consider emergency refund requests on a case-by-case basis after the official cancellation deadline. A cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of the purchase price of each refunded pass will be assessed on any refund issued after the official deadline.
  7. Code of Conduct: You agree that HFF shall have the right to refuse admittance or eject anyone (including you) from the Festival (or individual screenings or events) if they are disruptive, boisterous, offensive, drunk, drinking alcohol or smoking where prohibited, using laser lights, cell phones, beepers, blackberries, PDAs, cameras, or other electronic devices (unless medically necessary), on or in possession of illegal drugs, nude or partially nude, or otherwise impeding others from fully enjoying the Festival, and HFF may do so without providing a refund. You understand that this list is not exhaustive, and hereby agree that HFF may make the determination of what is appropriate conduct during the Festival, in its sole discretion, without providing an exhaustive list as prior notice. HFF may also, at its discretion, ban disruptive individuals from future HFF events.
  8. Waiver & Indemnity: You understand and agree that there are inherent risks associated with attending any large festival, and hereby knowingly assume such risks. Accordingly, you hereby agree that in no event shall HFF, its affiliates, venue-owners, or their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, service providers, suppliers or licensors be liable for any damages resulting from your attendance at the Festival or your use or inability to use your ticket. You also agree that your refusal to accept medical treatment by a healthcare professional (if offered) after claiming to be injured at the Festival constitutes an admission that you believe your injuries (if any) are not significant enough to warrant medical attention, and you knowingly assume all risks associated with failure to accept medical treatment that was made available to you. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall HFF’s total liability arising from any claim related to the Festival or elements thereof exceed the amount you paid to HFF for the ticket. You hereby indemnify and hold harmless HFF from any claim, expense, or demand, including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement, or your violation of any law or the right of a third party.
  9. Miscellaneous: This Agreement may not be amended or modified other than in a writing signed by an authorized representative of HFF. If any provision in this Agreement is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Texas, USA. Any action you, any third party or HFF bring to enforce this Agreement or, in connection with, any matters related to this site shall be brought only in Texas, USA, and you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts. This Agreement and the rights and obligations under this Agreement may be transferred or assigned by HFF, in whole or in part, and terms and provisions of this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of such transferee or assignee. HFF shall not be deemed to have waived any of its rights under this Agreement absent an express written waiver signed by an authorized representative of HFF. HFF assumes no responsibility or obligation to enforce this Agreement, which enforcement it may undertake, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion. (Last revised March 3, 2019)